January 12, 2010

Dreams do come true..

Yesterday would have to be one of the best days of my life.
I had the pleasure of meeting one of my all time favourite photographers.
I stumbled across Jasmins blog about 2 years ago and absolutely admired her work from then on.
She has been my biggest inspiration since then and Im so glad she flew all the way over to Australia to teach us what she knows.
Anyway I was so nervous as I was walking to where the meeting room was, and when I was there talking to her Im thinking in my head, I cannot believe that I am actually talking to her and I cant believe that she is in front of me.
I knew it in my head that this day would come I just didnt think it would be so soon..
I really appreciate all the knowledge and information that was shared with the rest of us photographers yesterday.
I absolutely enjoyed and soaked in every moment and every bit of information that I could.
There is only 1 more person in this world that I would LOVE to meet.....OPRAH WINFREY....
Hmmmm, how do I go about doing that?????

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