December 23, 2009

Just a reminder to myself.

Last week I was feeling a little sorry for myself and thought things are just all too hard.
I quickly got over it and as I was tidying up my computer room I found a note that I wrote to myself about a year ago..Or maybe not such a note but a goal I had in mind and the beginning of a dream..It reads,
I want to be a professional photographer,
I want to take beautiful portraits of people and their families,
I want to take beautiful pictures of peoples weddings,
I want people to choose me because they like my style,
I want people to love my pictures,
I want to become successful in achieving my goals and my dreams,
I don't want to give up,
I know I can do this,
I will do this,
I will be good, great, fantastic, awesome, the best and try my hardest and always challenge myself and be the best that I can be and try my hardest at doing these things.
I will never ever give up because taking photo's and looking at photo's makes me happy.


  1. That is a great blog post. I remember reading what you wrote on FB and I just felt so sad. You photographed a friend and previous client of mine and she just said that you were so lovely. I saw the photos and thought they were great.

    I think that maybe we all feel down somedays and need a little encouragement. Thank you for encouraging me today, I really needed it. x

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! So real and beautiful!!
    Can't wait to meet you soon!