September 16, 2009


Hi people,
I totally forgot about my gratitude thingy I was going to post every week...My bad..
Anyway, we took a drive on the weekend to a town that is covered in red dirt and wide open roads with lots of old buildings.It was nice to get away even if it was Kalgoorlie.I really enjoyed the drive, the first 2 hours there was a bit hectic but after we stopped for dinner the kids settled, the sun had gone down the kids slept for a bit but when they woke we cranked the music up and we enjoyed the rest of the trip..
1..i am so grateful for music. It takes me to a happy place and can lift my mood instantly. grateful for my ears. That I can hear music.
3.Though it is supposed to be spring time it has been pouring with rain, im sick of it, but in another sense i am grateful for it as our dams are as high as they have ever been.
4.Im grateful for toilets. You might think its funny but im not one for squating. Gosh i think i have a spelling error there. Im sure you know what i mean though.
5. Food..We are so lucky.

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