March 24, 2010

Baby Mia

Last week I had the opportunity of meeting my gorgeous little niece, Mia...
She has a story to tell when she gets older just like I do...I was home delivered by my grandparents and I always thought that was something special.No I dont think mum chose it that way it just kind of happen...In the same case the same thing happen to Mia and her Parents, they went to the hospital earlier and was sent home and later on in the day when it was time to go back again, it was too late..They didnt make it to the hospital, they didnt even make it outside the front door. Mia was delivered at home on the lounge by her father(my brother)... He is quite proud of himself and we now call him "doc"...
Im so glad all went well, and baby's mum (Mel) was fine also, a little in shock I think for her over what had happen but she is just so happy to have her beautiful little girl, finally after having 3 boys.

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