August 07, 2009

exciting times ahead

I am a bad bad girl...I havnt been here for ages...I am sorry...
Im going to SYDNEY in January to see one of my favourite photographers...she is coming all the way from America..She has been my inspiration for the last 2 years since i discovered and stalked her blog...Her name is Jasmin Star and her work is amazing..By reading her blog it feels like i know her some what a little and i can relate to alot of what she says...She has made me laugh heaps and also made me cry..She is so down to earth and cares about people, really..
I cannot wait...
I done a baby session the other day and it was fun though baby didnt want to play nicely, she stayed awake the whole time and I found it hard to try and get her to do what i needed her to do, but she is so beautiful and cuddly and small so she can get away with it...
Anyway, im getting there and having mixed feelings at the same and downs, its all good, i love it...


  1. These are great baby portraits - I've had a few sessions where they wouldn't sleep either! :) Looking forward to meeting you in Jan at the J* workshop!

  2. Newborns are hard. You've done a great job! I'm also excited for Jasmines workshop in January. I Can't wait to meet you there also!

  3. Hey Lesley, You did a great job I love that last one. Cant wait to catch up at the workshop. Your travelling a long way but I think I would have done the same thing if J* was going to perth she's totally worth it :-)